新葡的京集团3522vip:Collaborative Research Workshops: Business & Management 2021-06-28


Collaborative Research Workshops: Business & Management

Financial Technology, Accountability &

Big Data Decision Making for Environmental Responsibility


About this workshop

In this Workshop, researchers from both sides will come together to explore the opportunity of research collaborations in areas including environmental and social responsible finance, financial technology (Fin Tech), and Big data and decision making.

Date and time

Tue, 29 June 2021

16:00-17:30  CST


The faculty and students from XJTU are welcomed to join the workshop at

Room 324, The School Management of XJTU.





Opening Ceremony

Introduction to   the research focus of UoL

Introduction to   the research focus of SoM-XJTU

Environmental   and social responsible finance and financial technology research Accounting   and Finance

Charlie Cai , Accounting   and Finance (UoL)

Baolei Qi,   Golian Tian & Yi Si (XJTU)

Big data and   decision making research Operations and Supply Chain Management

Tolga Bektas,   Logitics and Supply Chain (UoL)

Ya Liu (XJTU)